2018 NMEA Product of Excellence Awards Product Nomination Rules
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Please fully read all 12 items below.
  1. We welcome any NMEA manufacturer member to nominate their product(s) within the following guidelines of the 2018 NMEA Product of Excellence Awards as approved by the NMEA Board of Directors.
  2. NMEA Manufacturer members may submit one product nomination for each category.Please nominate a product in only one category  (i.e. an MFD product family may be nominated in only one category)
  3. All products must be available for sale in North America no later than June 30th, 2018. Marine App categories must be available for download by June 30, 2018. Pre-production models and products, for which the software is not released, are not eligible.
  4. A nominated product using NMEA 0183 as the data interface must utilize RS-422 and NOT RS-232.
  5. A product using NMEA 2000 as a data interface must be NMEA 2000 Certified or have been submitted for Certification to NMEA prior to August 30th, 2018.  Additionally, complex products such as autopilots, must have all system components NMEA 2000 certified or have been submitted for Certification to NMEA prior to August 30th, 2018.
  6. There is no historical date restriction for entering products as long as the product is still actively sold and marketed in North America (i.e. a product introduced 5 years ago is eligible for an award).
  7. If there is less than three entries in a particular category, the category will be eliminated.
  8. You do not need to log in to the site in order to nominate your products.
  9. Once you have nominated your products in the categories you choose, scroll to the bottom and click the blue "Submit" button.
  10. The NMEA Product Awards Committee will verify eligibility of the products nominated in ALL categories, including the NMEA Technology Award.
  11. If the committee has questions, they will contact the specific person listed on the on-line nomination form.
  12. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE ENTERED BY FRIDAY JULY 27 2018. On Line Voting will begin on TUESDAY AUGUST 7 2018.

    All voting tallies are done by the automated on-line voting program and not by a human. All votes must be entered by 11:59pm September 26, 2018. Voting will be allowed the first two days of the NMEA Conference.
If any manufacturer has specific questions on nominating their product, please call or email NMEA at 410-975-9425 -- info@nmea.org
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Your NMEA Awards Committee

Contact us for more information at: (410)975-9425 or fax (410)975-9450  info@nmea.org
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