2017 NMEA Education Sessions and Speakers
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Remote Vessel Monitoring & Security (Technical Track)
Presenters: Brian Kane (GOST) & Daniel Harper (Siren Marine)
Checking on our houses and cars remotely is not a futuristic concept. the power is out, the automobile
has been moved, the thermostat has disengaged—these bits of information are fed to our
smart phones so we can act quickly. the people who expect this level of convenience in their daily
lives are the same customers who want that level of service on their boats. session will review what’s
available, from water sensors to video surveillance and from preventing unauthorized usage to seeing
how cold the fridge is. You will learn how to retrofit or manufacture a vessel to take boaters’ demands
for remote monitoring into consideration.

 Business Sense LIVE (Business Track)
Moderator Steve Katz
Steve Katz, Marine Electronics Journal writer of the column "Business Sense”, will moderate an open forum on Wednesday 9/27 from 9:30am-12:15 PM (with a break in the middle) for business owners to discuss challenges and share ideas with the audience so attendees can take home some ways to better their business. Audience Participation is welcomed and encouraged.

NMEA OneNet Ethernet Standard (Technical Track)
Presenters: NMEA OneNet Committee
Version 1.0 of the NMEA OneNet Ethernet Standard will be released in 2016. Attendees are invited to attend this technical presentation which will go over key elements of the standard including the Physical layer, Device Discovery Process, Security Module, and Gateways.

Wireless Networking (Technical Track)
Presenter: Jeff Graham- Wave Wi-Fi
WiFi is everywhere, on-board, at marinas, on our phones. This technical session outlines today’s modern Wi-Fi switching and booster boxes that can be installed to help reduce the customer's airtime bills by auto switching Wi-Fi signals when at marinas and while underway.

Keys to a solid Autopilot Installation (Technical Track)
Presenter: Kevin Boughton- Midcoast Marine Electronics.
Regardless of manufacturer type, there are other important factors that vary from vessel to vessel when installing an autopilot. Installation expert Kevin Boughton has installed hundreds of Autopilots for both recreational and commercial vessels.  He will go over drive selection, rudder feedback selection,  junction box selection and heading integration along with other key components that all autopilot systems rely on for accurate steering in all sea conditions. He will also help in basic troubleshooting of autopilot failures.

Digital Switching (Technical Track)
Presenters: Peter Braffitt- Gemeco
MFD’s are evolving more and more into digital switch panels. This session will overview the current offerings for digital switching of virtually anything on the boat that uses AC or DC voltage. The instructor will go over the various components needed to complete these complex installations utilizing the NMEA 2000 backbone.

Marine Satellite TV Solutions (Technical Track)
Presenter: David Ross- Signal Connect
Learn how to deploy today’s cutting edge technologies to deliver your customer a world-class
satellite tv experience. Which satellite service provider is best and where? How to stay in line
with proper account classifications. Which hardware to use for what applications?

Modernizing AIS (Technical Track)
Presenters: Jeff Robbins- Vesper Marine, Mark Johnson- Shine Micro, Sean McCrystal- McMurdo
Discussion will focus on new ways AIS is being used to enhance safety, navigation and protect
the environment. examples include helping to protect maritime traffic during rocket launches,
undersea high-voltage transmission cables from anchor strikes, and guide shipping in the busiest
ports away from hazardous wrecks. With newly allocated frequencies, ais and other related vHF
data exchange technologies are set to grow even further in the coming years with a range of
new marine applications.

Engage and Profit from Marine Apps (Business Track)
Presenter: Paul Sumpner: Digital Yacht
The session will give you value added tips to set you apart from the competition. learn how
there is an app for almost any part of the boat that can be connected. Most of these are free.
Adding these as part of a package to your customers’ electronics installations will streamline
their buying experiences. learn how apps can also help you diagnose problems remotely for
your customers.

Marketing your Business with Social Media (Business Track)
Presenter: Eric Dallin- Saltwater Strategy
Learn how to target, engage, nurture and convert marine consumers using social media marketing
best practices. get an overview of current trends as well as some actionable tactics
to help you get a handle on your social media marketing strategy.


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