2019 NMEA Installer & Business Sessions
*Pre-registration is not required for these sessions as long as a full registration or day pass is purchased*
Specialty Tools
This technical session will focus on diagnostic and testing tools that have been identified by expert installers and technicians to specifically troubleshoot and test certain pieces of marine electronic equipment.  This hands on session invites audience participation as instructors demonstrate and give an overview of how certain tools can help you quickly and effectively finish an installation or troubleshoot a problematic piece of equipment or cable. 

What Satellites are in Space?
This technical session overviews the many satellites up in orbit around our Earth. What functions do they serve for the maritime space? What manufacturers use specific satellites for communications? Learn how knowing the function and location of satellites can help you in your day to day installations and troubleshooting of the wide array of marine electronic equipment that relies on satellites to function properly.  

Ethernet Networking
Ethernet is everywhere. As NMEA OneNet comes to market, the standard refers to existing Ethernet protocols (IEEE 802.3.) for phisycal device installation, cabling, and connectors. This technical session overviews cabling, switches, PoE, network design, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. 

Cybersecurity and the Maritime Domain
This session will explore these aspects of cybersecurity within the maritime domain. An analysis of the Automatic identification System (AIS) will be used as a specific example of a vulnerable maritime system.There are many different categories of attacks on computers, networks, and people in order to gain access to other people's information, and attackers have many motivations. While the maritime industry has the same exposure to cyber vulnerabilities as other critical infrastructure sectors, there are some threat vectors that are unique to maritime. Furthermore, there are some maritime-specific regulations, guidelines, and resources that address cyber defense.

Complex Audio Installations
This technical session gives you the know how to tackle complex audio installations! Multiple speaker zones, subwoffers, amplifier boxes, cable runs, control heads, MFD integration will all be covered in this session. 

Hazards and Safety - Identifying on the job problems
This presentation on hazard assessment will address general and specific hazards that may be encountered in the workplace. The focus will be on marinas, boatyards, vessels, and production facilities.
The consequences of accidents on people and businesses will be discussed so that motivation for a safe workplace is evident.An in detail assessment of hazards can take us from an "at risk of harm” status to an acceptable level. 
Smart Banking for your Business
Presented by a local business bank, learn the ins and out of business banking.  This session will review types of business accounts and services, cash management tools and banking products focused on businesses. Topics to include business checking and credit cards, merchant services, business loans and savings, online & mobile services.  

Effectively Deal with your Attorney
Every form contract that you sign with every supplier, vendor, provider, or client likely contains boilerplate provisions that can significantly impact your business.  Presented by a local business law firm, you will learn how to identify problematic clauses, their meaning, and how to strike the clauses from contracts to protect your business; prevent lawsuits; and limit damages.  This will allow you to focus on growing and maintaining your business, rather than engaging in protracted and costly litigation.

Navigating Government Contracting
The Federal Government awarded over $100 billion in government contracts to small businesses in 2017 and some of this is marine electronics!  This session will teach you what is needed to add the government as your next customer.  Lear about DUNS Number, SAM Registration, set-asides, HUBZone, GSA schedule and more. We will review how to find opportunities with the government relevant to your business, how to prepare a bid and submit an offer.    

Hands On Connectors 
Installers need to master the art of properly fitting widely used field installable connectors onto various cables. In this session, learn the best practices on how to install popular field attachable connectors such as PL259, RJ45 onto their respective cables.  Attendees can witness expert installers attach these various connectors onto their specific cables, and will also get to install these cables on their own as guided by the instructor.

NMEA Standards Update
A technical update will be presented as all three NMEA Interface Standards continue to grow and evolve over time. NMEA 0183, now over 30 years old continues to advance in the commercial market in the areas of GNSS, AIS, and DSC. NMEA 2000 continues to expand in the recreational market with new PGNs for devices like Thrusters, Windlasses and Elevators. NMEA OneNet brings new levels of flexibility using IPv6 and the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Local Area Network. OneNet provides a common network infrastructure for marine devices and can support high-bandwidth applications such as audio/video data transport.

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